Doggy Day Care and Home Boarding

Paws on Tour welcomes your dog to stay in our home and be treated as a member of the family. Suitable dogs should be well socialised, house trained, non-destructive and not excessively noisy (this is due to Paws on Tour being in a residential area). Paws on Tour is located in a semi-rural area with lots of beautiful walks near-by. Your dog will be walked at least twice a day. However, if your dog is capable and willing they will be welcome to join me on my walks throughout the day. There is no age requirement to stay with us. However, puppies should have completed their vaccinations. I follow the 5 min rule per month of age for puppies. Additionally, I require puppies to be crate trained as they may be occasionally put to rest to ensure that they receive the appropriate amount of sleep required for a young dog. 

Your dog must be up to date with current vaccinations and worming. However, we do accept Titre testing but this must come from a registered vets practice; we cannot accept this from a Homeopathic vet. We accept raw fed dogs and have a separate fridge/freezer to accommodate for this.

There are two resident dogs on the premises; a male Boxer cross and a female English Bulldog. We welcome you to join us for a meet and greet session which involves a short walk. All stays are subject to a successful day or night trial with us, we recommend doing this as soon as possible following the meet and greet session. Please note no dates are secured until a holding deposit is put down.

Wakefield Metropolitan District Council License Number: LN/000000962

Pick up and drop off service

Your dog can be collected and dropped off within a 5 mile radius from us. Collection is between 08.00-11.00 and drop off is between 16.00-18.00.

Please note different collection and drop off times can be requested but can't be guaranteed, so please do not hesitate to ask. Please note weekend collection and drop off services are not guaranteed and are limited.

Paws on Tour can collect/drop off dogs further than a 5 mile radius. However, a charge of 0.50 per mile will be charged. Paws on Tour does not allow boarding arrivals after 16.00hrs for first time customers; this is because a late arrival may mean your dog struggles to settle for the night ahead. Therefore, we strongly recommend an early drop off (at no extra cost) to allow your dog to settle with us before their stay.

Fudge enjoyed her stay with Paws on Tour.

Fudge's owner says:

"Left fudge for a week, she settled in very quickly and got on great with Harley (think she’s missing him already !)- she had load of walks -as she has come home knackered. Holly kept us well updated with plenty of photos throughout the week. Fudge will definitely be going again. Many thanks Holly, Simon (& Harley 🐶)"

Dora and Darcy enjoy regularly staying with us and they have fun on lots of walks too!